Event Management


About us

Project: 4 Seminars on New Digital Media Culture
Client: e-Media Institute
Venue: London and Milan

Seminar organization

We co-ordinated e-Media clients attending the seminars with international experts in media, managing the agenda and hospitality in both London and Milan.


Timorous Beasties Collection Launch
Client: Brintons
Venue: International Furniture Fair Milan

Press launch Italy
Creative catering
Venue finding
Venue set-up

Launch in Milan of the new Brintons carpets collection designed by Timorous Beasties. We gave them international exposure, inviting press and potential clients to a charming and elegance event – thanks to a very well known Milanese location and highly unusual catering.

Project: 13th World Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport System – Creative product launch
Client: Q-Free Asa
Venue: ExCel London

Creative product launch in collaboration with three European partners
Fashion show coordination
Final party for 300 people

We gave an international technological event a different and creative touch. We entertained 300 people, presenting our client's product through a successful fashion show and organizing a dinner party with music and performances at the unique Whapping Project venue.



Project: Exhibition and
Sit launch
Client: yfbs Ltd Studio
Venue: yfbs Studio London

Exhibition setting support
Exhibition opening organisation
Marketing support

We supported yfbs studio displaying the new outdoor concrete furniture Sit Collection. Giving the Portuguese company Sit the chance to be recognised by the London architectural scene.

Project: Santarcangelo Festival
Client: Comune di Santarcangelo
Venue: Santarcangelo di Romagna – Italy

Head of the Festival press office for three years.

Santarcangelo dei Teatri is an International festival dedicated to the contemporary theatre and performance scene.



Project: Boxcibo and Cibestetica
Client: Regione Lombardia
Venue: Milan

Seminar organisation on the links between food culture, design and visual/performing arts.
Coordination of an interactive installation with food and new technologies.

The whole event was called The Art of Tasting, exploring ideas on how food is important in our lives and can involve all the senses including the experience of art.